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Our company provides excellence services in Taxes and Business. Our staff includes professionals in accounting and taxation; a team of instructors that are experts from the Directorate General of Taxes and other professionals as well as lecturers.

Our services include:
1. Tax Administration
2. Business and Management
3. Tax Training Tax Administration
4. Tax Consultant
5. Transfer Pricing Consultant

Our professional staff of Taxpro will help fulfill your tax administration in accordance with the tax provisions, among others, include:

requests of Tax Identification Number (TIN) Central or Branch, Taxable Person Confirmation Letter, change of business address or location or domicile, Tax Exemption Letter, Centralized VAT. Individual & Corporate Income Tax Our company provides an overall tax consulting services for Individual / Corporate for calculating Monthly and Annual Corporate Income Tax, Personal Income Tax, Employee Income Tax, Value Added Tax / Sales Tax on Luxury Goods, and Withholding Tax; and other professional services such as Tax Planning, Taxable Person Confirmation Letter and Tax Audit. Tax Compliance Service Based on practice, many taxpayers bear the burden of high taxes resulting from high impositions of tax payable and severe tax penalties. This generally occurs due to unmanaged and improper tax administration and late in withholding tax, tax payment, tax reporting and financial policies.

Our company's services are ready to assist the fulfillment of tax compliance services in order to be managed properly and on time in accordance with the tax provisions.

Monthly Tax We also provide consulting specific tax issues for monthly reports, including:
• Income Tax Art 4 (2)
• Income Tax Art 15
• Income Tax Art 21 & 26
• Income Tax Art 22
• Income Tax Art 23 & 26
• Income Tax Art 25

For these monthly returns, our professional services of Taxpro will help you prepare tax calculations from the data provided, including filing the monthly reports and their tax payments. 

Annual Tax
• Annual Income Tax Return for Personal Taxpayers (Form 1770)
• Annual Income Tax Return for Personal Taxpayers (Form 1770S)
• Annual Income Tax Return for Personal Taxpayers (Form 1770SS)
• Annual Corporate Income Tax Return (Form 1771 include 1721 A1) In terms of annual tax returns,

Taxpro will assist you to prepare the tax calculations from the data provided, including reporting annual tax return and their tax payments.

Tax Planning Services As tax consultants, we assist domestic/international tax planning in a legal way according to the current tax provisions/treaty. The goal is to streamline and minimize the tax burden of tax problems that may occur without having to evade and violate the tax laws.

Tax Review Service Our professionals are ready to review the tax compliance in all aspects of the transactions in terms of tax and identify potential tax risks arising from each transaction or business activity as well as calculate the tax payables of the identified results.

Tax Consultation Services We provide guidance to taxpayers faced by clients as well as the procedures of tax obligations in accordance with the government regulation. This can be done by direct meetings, telephone and email.

Tax Refund Service We assist companies in making tax refunds which are taxpayer rights in accordance with the tax laws and regulations that apply to achieve results in the form of Tax Overpayment Decision Letter.

Taxation Training Our program offers educational programs that are integrated and aimed at improving knowledge and skills of taxation for taxpayers, students, employees and the society. Training is given by combining tax theory and practice in the form of in-house training at the company / government and private institutions, as well as open to the public and other community. 

This tax training include: International Tax Transfer Pricing International Tax Planning Income Tax Training Value Added Tax Training General Provisions Taxation, Land and Building Tax and Stamp Duty Provisions and Tax Regulation Tax on Specified Industry Accounting Taxation Land and Building Tax / BPHTB E-SPT Advanced Problems in Taxation Exam Preparation for Tax Consultants.


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