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Hexagonal Water

What Is Hexagonal Water?
 Hexagonal Water appeared in the alternative medicine realm with claims of being "perfect" water that would improve health and reverse the aging process. Salespeople for Hexagonal Water (Hex Water) use pseudoscientific terms and vague claims to sell their equipment or products. None of these claims has clinical proof, but that has not stopped customers from spending their money on hope. The placebo effect for some consumers has given this "science" an undeserved niche in alternative medicine and tainted alternative techniques by association.
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Hexagonal Water Theory

Hexagonal Water is a structure of six water molecules in a ring, different from other water by its density. The so-called healing water at Lourdes, France, is not claimed to be Hex Water. There are a variety of Structure-Altered Water (SAW) products on the market that claim to have energy or nonspecific vibrations induced into them to make them better absorbed at the cellular level. Each claims to be a version of essential water the human body is born containing and that loss of this essential water is causal to the effects of aging. To date, none of these claims has been scientifically proven.

Other SAW waters

The Template Induction Process claims to create Hex Water as well as non-Hex Waters that also provide health and spiritual benefits. Molecules from another SAW water will supposedly transmit energy into cells. Another product offers frequencies (transmitted through headphones into distilled water) that will alter distilled water by its alpha and theta frequencies to add healing frequencies into the water.

Are Hexagonal or SAW Waters Dangerous?

Home-processed SAW waters call for distilled or safe tap water as a source before adding healing frequencies or special conversion compounds. To date, none of the conversion compounds has proven to be dangerous. For each gallon of these waters made from converted tap or distilled water, the user will certainly gain all of the health benefits expected from consumption of a gallon of expensive tap or distilled water.

Home Hexagonal Water Systems

Hexagonal Water sites offer a variety of home processes for making it. Some of these systems involve mixing compounds into distilled or tap water. Others are small-volume processing systems that convert safe drinking water into Hexagonal Water.

Hexagonal Water Treatment Versus Filtration

For a significantly lesser cost, the consumer may filter tap water to remove hardness (minerals dissolved in tap or well water) and chlorine or chloramines from tap water using home filter systems.
Home filtering systems run from inexpensive pitcher types using gravity to run tap water through an activated charcoal and chlorine scrubbing media to tap-mounted or under-sink systems that process flowing tap water.

Chris Donahue is an electrical engineer living in the Dallas area. He has worked on defense projects, semiconductor process equipment, instrumentation and is currently in water utilities. He earned his Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) standing in Texas in 1999.