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Metode Pengobatan Umum untuk Penggunaan Air Bersih Domestik (Common Clean Water Treatment Methods for Domestic Use)

Metode Pengobatan Umum untuk Penggunaan Air Minum Bersih Domestik (Common Clear Water Treatment Methods for Domestic Use) :

1. Dididihkan (Boiling)
2. Distilasi (Distillation)
3. Reverse Osmosis
4. Penyaringan Air (Water Filters)
    a. Penyaringan Sedimen (Sediment Filters)
        (serat dan keramik/fiber and ceramic)
    b. Karbon Aktif (Activated Carbon)
        i. GAC
        ii. Blok Padat(Solid Block)
        iii. Teko dan Faucet - Gunung Filter (Pitcher and Faucet-Mount Filters)
5. Air Botol (Bottled Water)
6. Cahaya Ultra Violet (Ultra Violet Light)
7. Pertukaran Ion (Ion Exchange)
8. Pelembutan air (Water Softener)
9. KDF (KDF)
10. Ozonisasi (Ozonation)
11. Activated Alumina (Activated Alumina)
12. 'Perubahan' Air ('Altered' Water)

Source : http://www.cyber-nook.com

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

Reverse osmosis is one of the most common and effective means of purifying water for drinking and many high purity water today. In fact, Reverse Osmosis is commonly used by most major bottled water manufacturing companies to purify water from their sources before bottling. A reverse osmosis system will remove the majority of common impurities, making water look and taste Pure and Fresh.

To understand Reverse Osmosis we must first understand Osmosis. During natural osmosis, water flows from a less concentrated solution through semipermeable membrane to a more concentrated saline solution until concentrations on both sides of the membrane are equal. A reverse osmosis membrane has a thin microporous surface that rejects impurities, but allows water to pass through. The membrane rejects bacteria, pyrogens, and 85%-99% of inorganic solids. Polyvalent ions are rejected easier than monovalent ions. Organic solids with molecular weight greater than 300 are rejected by the membrane. Reverse osmosis is a percent rejection technology. The purity of reverse osmosis product water is much higher than the purity of the feed water.

The Reverse Osmosis Superstore Introduces The Pro Series 6-Stage With UV Water System

March 1, 2011

The Reverse Osmosis Superstore is excited to now offer the Pro Series 6-stage RO System with UV. The 6-stage system is a state-of-the-art system, excellent for removing of chemicals, contaminants, viruses, metals, arsenic, chromium, microorganisms, fluoride, nitrates, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, and many more.

Zionsville, IN (PRWEB) The Reverse Osmosis Superstore is excited to now offer the Pro Series 6-stage RO System with UV. The 6-stage system is a state-of-the-art system, excellent for removing of chemicals, contaminants, viruses, metals, arsenic, chromium, microorganisms, fluoride, nitrates, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, and many more. Craig Cooper, of ReverseOsmosis.com, states "that the demand for this system has been strong for families on well water, pond water, etc. With each day, we are seeing more negative water reports across the country come to surface, and this is bringing more awareness that families need reverse osmosis systems for pure, clean, drinking water."

Craig Cooper, with ReverseOsmosis.com, goes on to mention that they are shipping reverse osmosis systems to all walks of life and for any application; from residential use and restaurants, to coffee & tea shops as well as large commercial and industrial applications. He states they have sent RO systems to developing countries to set up clean water stations. The 6-stage system is very popular with our clients who divide their time between the USA and Mexico. Our countertop system is very popular for our friends in apartments and campers when traveling. The countertop system can be installed in under 5 minutes and provides fantastic water.

The Superstore also offers the highest quality American made Water Softeners, Iron Filters, and Carbon Filter systems on the market today. These systems have the highest quality components, tanks, and control valves, all made in America, and with great warranties. Craig Cooper mentions that the systems are offered to the public at wholesale prices, and that many plumbers and water dealers buy their systems from us and sell them in their local markets for twice our price. He states that if you are a savvy shopper and a little handy, you can save a lot of money and have great water with ReverseOsmosis.com.

ReverseOsmosis.com also provides families with the best in reverse osmosis water systems, American made, 5 year warranties, and excellent pricing. Families no longer want to gamble with their drinking water, and they shouldn't have to.

ReverseOsmosis.com can be contacted at 1-888-309-2837 or on the website.


View original release here: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2011/02/prweb5061274.htm

Water contamination still a problem in Hills; fixes on the way

February 22, 2011, 6:00 am

By Gregg Hennigan/SourceMedia Group News

A sign above the sink at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Hills instructs people to "Always use water from the reverse osmosis tap for drinking, coffee, juice, etc," directing people to use the tap at the right. Water at the church and rectory has been contaminated by the chemical percholate. (Liz Martin/SourceMedia Group News)

HILLS — Shawna Simmons had never heard of perchlorate until she found out several years ago her home’s drinking water was contaminated with the chemical.

The government gave her six-person household, which includes four children, bottled water for a year, and then a water-treatment system they still use.

A more permanent fix may be on the way for the small town, located about 10 miles south of Iowa City, where private wells supply the drinking water to its fewer than 800 residents.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently announced that it would, for the first time, set a national standard for perchlorate in drinking water.

That will not apply to private water systems like in Hills, according to the EPA. But the EPA has worked on the Hills issue in the past, and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources has been waiting on the federal regulation. DNR officials met this month and decided on a course of action that will include pumping out the contamination.

Simmons’ home is one of more than 20 in Hills affected by an underground plume of perchlorate.

“I just kind of wanted to know what it was and what it did,” Simmons, 37, said of her reaction when first told of the problem.

Perchlorate is both a naturally occurring and man-made chemical that is used to produce rocket fuel, fireworks and explosives, according to the EPA. Hills’ contamination problem was discovered in 2003 and traced to the spot where an annual fireworks show was held.

Perchlorate can disrupt the thyroid’s ability to produce hormones that are critical to the development of fetuses and young children, according to the EPA.

The EPA says between 5 million and 17 million people nationwide may be served drinking water containing perchlorate. DNR spokesman Kevin Baskins said perchlorate is not a problem elsewhere in Iowa.

It could be three years before the national standard is set. The EPA currently has an advisory limit of 15 parts per billion. There are homes in Hills whose water measures at more than 100 ppb, before treatment.

The regulation of perchlorate is not without its critics. Media reports say the effort was met with resistance from the Defense Department and military contractors, and a group calling itself the Perchlorate Information Bureau — which includes defense contractors and a perchlorate manufacturer — contends there is no research that shows it adversely affects humans.

Hills has been searching for a solution to its contamination for the past several years. In 2007, voters shot down the idea of a municipal water system that would have cost an estimated $3 million to build and $86,000 a year to operate.

The plume is in the southwest corner of town and gradually moving east, toward more homes. It’s hard to measure, but it’s probably more than 2,000 feet long and 1,000 feet at its widest, said Mike Gannon, a geologist with the DNR’s Geological Survey Bureau. (See a DNR map of the plume’s location since 2007 at the end of the article.)

More than 20 properties have had reverse-osmosis systems installed. These are water-filtration systems that remove perchlorate from the water.

The cost falls to the city, which spent about $7,500 to install and maintain systems last year, according to City Clerk Bonnie Hanson. City attorney Benjamin Hayek did not provide a full bill for all the installed systems.

“It’s not huge numbers, but it’s big enough for a small town,” said Hills Mayor Russ Bailey.

St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Hills has a reverse osmosis treatment system in place for drinking water. (Liz Martin/SourceMedia Group News)

The church building and the rectory of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church have the systems and signs reminding visitors not to use the regular tap water. The Rev. Bill Kneemiller would favor a modern, municipal system, saying using wells is like living in the 1800s.

“It does seem like if you have a well, you’re at the mercy of what comes at the (water) level,” he said.

The properties affected by the perchlorate contamination have shallow wells, some only 15 feet deep, Bailey said.

This spring, the DNR is going to try to find the spot in the plume where the perchlorate concentration is highest, said Gannon. Then, in the early summer, the agency wants to pump out the contamination in a process known as de-watering.

They’ll need to be careful, though, because pumping too hard could dry up the wells, Gannon said.

The DNR also wants to install an interceptor well that would capture much of the contaminated water before it gets to the other wells, he said.

It’s not clear how much the pumping would cost and an interceptor well possibly could be done for $10,000, the DNR’s Baskins said. The agency and city need to discuss options and payment, he said.

Bailey said if those plans don’t work, he’ll try again to get support for a municipal water system.

“I’ll go down in flames with that one,” he said.

City strong market for reverse osmosis plants

TNN,Mar 3, 2011, 05.19am IST

CHENNAI: The city, which appears to be seeing an increase in water safety awareness, is fast becoming a potent market for table top reverse osmosis plants, say water technology experts.

A table top reverse osmosis plant which looks like a water purifier involves a five-step purification process, including carbon blocking. The cost of the product had also dropped down drastically from Rs 25,000 eight years ago to Rs 6,000 at present.

"Water which was once scarce in Chennai is available in abundance now. The concern is now about the quality, hence new technology is coming into the country, especially the southern part," said S Suthakar, managing director of Aqua Designs India limited.

Mekorot, BDB invest in reverse osmosis co Rotec

The start-up will run pilots at Mekorot desalination plants.

5 August 09 17:59, Merav Ankori

Mekorot National Water Company and Israeli cleantech fund BDB Technologies & Hi-Tech Investments Ltd. will invest $200,000 in equal shares in Ashkelon Technological Industries (ATI) portfolio company Rotec Ltd. (Reverse Osmosis Technologies). The investment will enable Rotec to run pilots at Mekorot brackish water desalination plants.

A successful pilot would serve as kind of standard for project with water companies around the world. Rotec is a joint venture with Ben Gurion University of the Negev, the University of Colorado, and the Hashemite University of Jordan.

BDB invests in early-stage cleantech and life sciences start-ups. It was established by chairman Gil Deutsch, a co-founder and CEO of Excellence Investments Ltd. (TASE: EXCE), and CEO Avi Broder.

Rotec is developing a system to improve reverse osmosis technology for desalination of brackish well water. In reverse osmosis, saline water is forced through membrane to remove the salts and other particles, which accumulate on the membranes, clogging them. Rotec is developing an ultrasonic sensor to detect this precipitation (known as scaling and bio-fouling) to boost the water recovery rate and reduce the need for pretreatment plants.

Published by Globes [online], Israel business news - www.globes-online.com - on August 5, 2009

© Copyright of Globes Publisher Itonut (1983) Ltd. 2009

Ideal Choice Reverse Osmosis System with Monitor

by Culligan

Price: $259.99

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Product Specifications :

Part Number: RO-3500
Item Package Quantity: 1
Item Dimensions
Weight: 22 Pounds

Technical Details :
Produces up to 26 gals per day
Electronic monitor tells when to change filters
Membrane life of up to 2 yrs
Uses automatic shut-off for water conservation

Product Description

Sold as one unit. (1 unit = each.) Produces up to 26 gals per day. Electronic monitor tells when to change filters. Reduces dissolved minerals, certain salts, lead arsenic, nitrate/nitrite, giardia & cryptosporidium cysts. Membrane life of up to 2 yrs. Uses automatic shut-off for water conservation. Greatly improves the taste of water w/high mineral content. Easy under sink installation. All hardware & stylish lead- free faucet included. Replacement cartridges are D-15 (Ace #4195202) pre- filter, D-20 (Ace #49640) post-filter, & ROM-230TN (SKU # 4195210) membrane. Boxed . Manufacturer number: RO-3500. SKU #: 4195228. Country of origin: (TBA). Distributed by Culligan.

Ideal Choice Reverse Osmosis System with Monitor

O Waste Reverse Osmosis System

by Watts
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Product Features

Patented and certified "Zero Waste" system
Wastes no water-standard systems waste 4-12 gallons of water to make 1 gallon of pure water
Save thousands of gallons of water per year with this system
Increases purifying production
Eliminates faucet noise

Product Description

Sold as one unit. (1 unit = each.) Patented and certified "Zero Waste" system. Wastes no water-standard systems waste 4-12 gallons of water to make 1 gallon of pure water. Save thousands of gallons of water per year with this system. Increases purifying production. Eliminates faucet noise. Easy to install. IAMPO certified. Replacement filters-SKU # 4207106-3pk. Boxed. Manufacturer number: 0950045. SKU #: 4237160. Country of origin: (TBA). Distributed by Watts.


Merlin Whole House Reverse Osmosis System 1,000 GPD

by General Electric

List Price: $4,000.00
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Product Description

Finally a complete easy to hook up High output Reverse Osmosis system that can run a whole house or small companyThe heart of this system is the revolutionary GE Merlin reverse osmosis system.A truly totally automatic, complete ready to hook up 700-1,400 gallon per day pressurized Reverse osmosis system. This RO system can deliver up to twenty gallons per minute of water. Yes up to 1,400 gallons per day of Reverse osmosis purified water at up to twenty gallons per minute.Installation could not be easier. There is one electrical plug to connect into a standard 110 VAC wall outlet. Connect the pressure tank to the large storage tank and hook up your home, your car wash, whatever. Pure, awesome RO quality water at up to 50 psi and up to twenty gallons per minute.Hooking up the Merlin is a snap all the connections are push in li1) Your water in li2) Pure water to tank li3) Drainli4) Optional membrane flush, extends membrane life and eliminates the need to clean membranesDo you still need your softener ? Depends on how hard your water is . Merlin limits the hardness to ten grains per gallon. Does your water contain Iron ? Do you have rust stains on your plumbing, in the sink. Some additional pre-treatment may be required. If you have excessive sediments or suspended solids such as clay and iron, you know its stuff that clouds your water and never seems to settle out, you will want a slow sand filter. You'll find that adding the optional membrane flush kit makes this best unit in terms of anti-scaling and long life. The GE Merlin combined with a 200-gallon***sealed filtered air storage tank is a unique and simple answer to safe water storage. This system was designed for homes or businesses. This system even makes a great back up or expansion for a bottled water plant.***Because the pump is installed inside of the tank (information below), the tank will only hold about 130 gallons of water. Feed your entire home with and have bottled quality water from every time.

Merlin Whole House Reverse Osmosis System 1,000 GPD