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Steam Water Distiller Systems

When using a Juicer or a Blender, Water Distillers are a great source for clean and pure water. If you are creating delicious smoothies or juices with fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as wheatgrass, purified Distilled water is the only logical choice. It provides you with the most nutritional drink possible with the greatest taste!

How Steam Distiller Systems Work

As we are all aware, fresh water is vital to human survival, and it is estimated that the total amount of fresh water that is accessible to humankind is less than 1%. Common sense would make us ask that, if less than 1% of the water on earth is fresh, shouldn't we have depleted this supply a long time ago? Thankfully for us, the earth's natural water cycle process helps to create new fresh water daily. We all remember the steps of this process from grade school…
How Earth's Water Cycle Works
  1. The sun, which is the engine of the water cycle, heats salt water in the world's oceans
  2. Water evaporates as vapor into the air, leaving behind any sediment (such as salt)
  3. Rising air currents take the vapor up into the atmosphere where it cools and subsequently condenses into clouds. Air currents in the atmosphere then move these clouds, allowing the water modules to collide, grow, and fall from the sky as precipitation.

People have studied and perfected nature's process of producing fresh water, and miniaturized it into a water system we can all use to produce 99% pure water. This eco-friendly process is called water distillation. Water distillation systems can be as small as a countertop water distiller, or as large as a fully automatic water distiller. A home water distiller works in much the same way that nature's water cycle works:
How Water Distillers Work
  1. Water in the distiller is first heated / boiled (like the Sun heating the world's oceans), killing the bacteria and viruses
  2. Pure water vapor (steam) rises, leaving behind the impurities (evaporation)
  3. Water then condenses into drops (precipitation) and is collected in a clean container for later use

What does a Steam Water Distiller Remove from the Water ?

Many of us use some form of water filtration in our homes, such as refrigerator water filters or reverse osmosis systems. But, for water that is highly contaminated with pollutants, and for the health conscious person, water distillers offer a better solution.

Using distilled water can help create happy plants? The pure distilled water helps to eliminate brown foliage tips and flower pot deposits, plus you get long blooms from flowers.

Why are Water Distillers a better solution for pure water? A steam water distillation system is the one water treatment technology that most completely and consistently removes the widest range of drinking water contaminants, effectively treating your water for more pollutants than any carbon filter or reverse osmosis system.

Unlike the previous mentioned filtration systems, water distillers don't filter the water - they operate by removing the water from the impurities rather than the impurities from the water. Below is a diagram that illustrates the reduction levels of contamination for the different filter and purification systems.

Who uses Steam Water Distiller Systems?

Since the pure water needs of every individual, family, and company are different, a wide selection of systems are available. Individuals and families that live near arid seaside locations, which typically do not have sufficient freshwater, often use distillers for drinking water. Additionally, health conscious families and those who have high levels of water contamination use home water distillation for producing pure drinking and cooking water. Large companies also use distilled water. Many beverage manufacturers use distilled water to ensure a drink's purity and taste. It is also quite common on ships, especially nuclear-powered ships, which require a large supply of distilled water as a coolant. Below is a quick buyers guide for Pure Water Distiller Systems and Waterwise Distillers.

Distilled Water Better than Bottled Water?

Did you know that FDA standards for bottled water are more loosely regulated than the EPA standards for tap water? Did you know that two of the biggest selling bottled waters in the world are just filtered tap water, repackaged? Lastly, did you know that between 1990 and 2007 there were 96 recalls of bottled water for contamination of mold, benzene, coliform, and microbes?

Did you know water from a steam distilled system is great for fish tanks? It helps keep aquariums clean, clear, and chlorine free. Also dogs, cats, and birds can enjoy the same pure water benefits as their human friends.

Using Steam Eco-Friendly Distilled Water does not have to Cost Extra!

Not only can you avoid the above pitfalls, but you can actually save money using distilled water over bottled water. Below is a cost comparison chart illustrating the savings of using a water distiller over bottled water.